People get pierced for many different reasons and over the latest decade body piercing has become popular among all age groups, becoming an acceptable form of self-expression. You decide how you would like to beautify your body and we are here to make it happen. The body can be pierced almost anywhere by an experienced body piercer, do not trust your piercing with someone who is not certified. SD Tattoo and Body Piercing is dedicated to making all of our clients piercing experience not only safe but memorable.

SD Tattoo is not only well known for having superb tattoos but we are also recognized for having high-quality piercings. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, clean, and positive piercing experience. Our shop uses all disposable equipment for each piercing to provide clients with the most sterile procedure. Our Body piercers have over a decade of experience and have developed techniques that provide the least amount of pain possible. SD Tattoo follows all the guidelines set up by the Association for Professional Piercers for safe body piercing. Our piercers are also certified, with training in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention and Infection Control, and they follow extremely strict sterile protocols.


All of our custom piercing prices are listed below, prices do include standard surgical steel jewelry. Prices are per person. Please note the initial piercing can only be done with basic, sterilized surgical steel jewelry, nothing fancy until it has completely healed. We will not use jewelry brought in by clients for the initial piercing. You can return to us to have it changed out if you would like, we have jewelry here for purchase or you can bring your own with you, please note there is an additional charge for the changing of jewelry.

For care after your piercing and standard healing times please see our piercing aftercare page.

Ear Piercings

  • Baby/Child Ear Lobe:
    (3 months – 10 years)

    $120 pair / $70 each
    Includes Surgical Steel Studs – Gold & Titanium available for purchase
    Read About Ear Piercing for Baby’s
  • Ear Lobe: Standard & Upper Lobe
    Stud $60 each
    Barbell $65 each
    Transverse Lobe $70 each

  • Ear Cartilage:
    Stud $60 each
    Hoop $70 each

  • Helix & Forward Helix:
    Straight Barbell Stud $60 each
    Flat Back w/Gem $85 each

  • Industrial:
    Standard $90
    Custom industrial $110
  • Tragus & Anti-Tragus:
    $60 each / $110 pair

  • Rook:
    $60 each / $110 pair

  • Snug:
    $60 each / $110 pair

  • Daith:
    $60 each / $110 pair

  • Conch: Inner & Outer
    $70 each

  • Orbital:
    $90 each

Facial & Oral Piercings

  • Nose:
    Stud $60

  • Septum:
  • Eyebrow:
    Standard $60
    Anti-eyebrow $80

  • Lip:
    Bottom Corner: $60
    Labret or Vertical Labret: $60
    Monroe or Madonna: $60
    Medusa: $60
    Ashley: $60
    Snake or Angel Bites: $120
    Canine or Shark Bites: $120
    Cyber Bites: $120
    Dahlia or Joker Bites: $120
    Dolphin Bites: $120
  • Tongue:
    Standard: $60
    Tongue Webbing: $70 each
    Smiley Frenulum Piercing: $70
    Snake Eyes, Frog Eyes, or Scoop: $100
  • Bridge: $90
  • Cheek or Dimples:
    $140 pair / $80 each

Body Piercing

  • Navel:
  • Inverse Navel Piercing:
  • Nipple:
    $120 pair / $70 each

Dermals, Microdermals, or Surface

  • Dermals or Microdermals:
    Body $70 each
    Neck or Face $80 each
    Genital Region $100 each
    Dermal Punch $70 each
    Removal $40 each
  • Surface:
    1” and under $80
    1-2” $120
    2-3” $160
  • Corset:
    Hoops or Bars Starting at $400
    Consultation needed for exact price

Male Genital Piercings

  • PA: $150
  • Reverse Prince Albert: $150
  • Frenum: $150
  • Dydotes: $150
  • Guiche: $250
  • Jacob’s Ladder (3 bars) $300
  • Scrotal / Hafata: $150
  • Scrotal Ladder: $300
  • Appendravia: $150

Female Genital Piercings

  • Vertical Hood Piercing (VCH): $120
  • Horizontal Hood (HCH): $140
  • Inner Labia: $120
  • Triangle: $150
  • Christina or Venus: $120
  • Fourchette: $150

Miscellaneous Items

  • Change/Remove Jewelry: Standard $15
  • Change/Remove Jewelry: Dermals $40
  • Change/Remove Jewelry: Genitals $40
  • Insert Fee: $10
  • Taper Fee $20

Our Standards of Practice

At SD Tattoo we require ID for all tattoos as well as body piercings, please make sure to bring an ID with you. We do pierce minors, any ear or body piercing on a minor does require a parent or guardian to be present and a release form completed by them. Please note we do not pierce genitals on anyone under the age of 18, no exceptions. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be pierced, it’s not only bad practice but it is against state law.

For an appointment or more information on our piercings please contact San Diego’s Best Tattoo and Piercing Shop at (619) 269-8288.