Are you looking to give your skin that San Diego glow? SD Tattoo & Body Piercing now offers advanced spray tanning, which can be a much safer way of creating a beautifully tanned appearance when compared to sunbathing or tanning booths. We’ve created a new, special area at our shop specifically designated for our professional spray tanning services. The state-of-the-art spray tanning systems we use here at SD Tattoo & Body Piercing can be helpful for individuals of virtually any skin type, and the results often last for several days.

Whether you are looking for a deep and prominent tan or if you just want an extra touch of color to achieve that “just-got-back-from-the-beach” look, our advanced spray tan services may be just the right option to help you meet your goals!

What Are the Benefits of Spray Tanning?

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located right here in Southern California, and the weather is sunny and fantastic pretty much all year-round. This might cause you to wonder: why a spray tan when you can just walk out into the San Diego sun?

One of the best answers to that is safety. Spray tanning can give your skin a beautifully tanned appearance without having to expose it to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which carry the risk of skin cancer. Plus, excessive sun exposure—particularly without proper sunscreen application—may produce uneven skin pigmentation, brown spots, and other aesthetic skin conditions. Spray tanning takes many of the risks associated with sun tanning and tanning beds out of the equation.

In addition, spray tanning produces results within minutes, allowing you to achieve a tanned appearance just in time for an upcoming social event. Also, a spray tan can not only give your skin a tanned look but can also be an effective way to mask a variety of common aesthetic skin conditions. It can also even out the cosmetic results of a previous tan, hiding tan lines and giving the skin a more uniform appearance.

Achieve rich and striking tanning results all year long!

What Kind of Spray Tanning System Will Be Utilized?

SD Tattoo & Body Piercing utilizes the advanced Norvell® Pro Sunless Spray Arena system, which is a full, stand-up spray tanning booth that can provide meticulously even results. Plus, many of the Norvell® tanning solutions include innovative blends of natural ingredients that can lead to long-lasting outcomes and even provide benefits for skin health and protection. Norvell® solutions include options designed to produce rich and virtually immediate results, as well as gradual tans and instant bronzers.

Our tanning artist will meet with you for a brief consultation at the start of your appointment to talk with you about the kind of results you are hoping to achieve and go over the options that are ideal for your expectations.

How Does the Spray Tanning Process Work?

A comprehensive spray tan usually only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Spray tan sessions are conducted in a private area of our shop that has been designed to provide a relaxing, spa-like experience. During the session, you will step into the Norvell® Arena booth and our trained tanning artist will carefully guide the spray tanning device over your skin, being sure to apply the solution in precise, even patterns to avoid streaks and create results that are as pristine as possible.

We will explain all aspects of the process beforehand so you will know exactly what to expect, and we can answer any questions you may have about the best way to take care of your spray tan results. While outcomes can vary among individuals, the effects of a spray tan often last approximately five to ten days.

Please note that, while our tanning professional will conduct the session with extraordinary precision and care, there is always a small chance of potential “overspray” on clothing/swimwear that is worn during the session, which could stain the garment. With this in mind, it may be best to wear older items of clothing during your spray tanning session—items for which the risk of slight staining is acceptable.

Norvell Sunless Tanning FAQ’s

Sunless Spray Tanning Costs

  • Airbrush Tanning: $59.99
    Results 8-10hrs
  • Rapid Tan: $74.99
    Results 1-2hrs
  • Double Dip: $89.99
  • Face & Neck: $29.99
  • Upper or Lower Body: $39.99
  • Competition Tan: $99.99

Norvell Venetian Sunless Tan Maintenace Products Available

We have the following prooducts available to extend your tan between sessions.

  • Norvell Post-Tan Shower Cleanser: $19.99
  • Norvell Pre-Tan Exfoliator: $19.99
  • Norvell Self-Tan Face Mist: $19.99
  • Norvell Self-Tan Lotion: $19.99

To learn more about our spray tanning services, or if you would like to schedule a spray tanning appointment, please contact us today.