SD Tattoo is proud to announce that Mission Valley News has awarded us as the gold winner in their “best of” contest, Best Tattoo Shop 2018!

We want to thank all of the voters that participated in the contest as well our tattoo and piercing clients who have continued to share their experience and recommend SD Tattoo.

Our tattoo artists and customer service team were not only surprised but honored to be the ones to accept this surprise award. Mission Valley News personally delivered it to our shop this morning; we did not realize we were nominated or contacted about winning before their arrival at the shop this morning.

Our talented, experienced tattoo artists and piercers feel honored to be recognized for their quality tattoos and piercings!

SD Tattoo will continue to strive to provide clients with outstanding customer service, a clean and sterile environment, and quality tattoo artists who respect there work as well as the client’s everlasting art.