SD Tattoo and Body Piercing offers ear piercing for babies and children. For infants it is required that the child is at least 3 months old and it is recommended that they have had their first tetanus shot; usually received during their first round of shots at two months old by their pediatrician.

Our piercers do not use a piercing gun, they use a surgical hallow needle. Piercing with a needle has been proven to be less traumatic to the flesh with less chance of infections. With a piercing gun, it uses pressure to push the earring through causing damage to the tissue versus a needle that cuts through. Clients that have been pierced by both needle and piercing gun have also said that it is less painful.

Our piercers are experienced, patient, gentle, and very knowledgeable, they will discuss the process and expectations during your consultation. We use one-time-use needles and our shop is professionally cleaned by medical standards daily.

Pricing: 3 Months to Age 10

  • $120 for pair – includes surgical stainless steel jewelry. Gold and Titanium options are available for purchase.