Kevan was born and raised in Southern California. He grew up in the desert near Los Angeles (Palmdale) and moved to San Diego at the age of 20. He never looked back and loved his life here. Kevan is an artistic person and was always fascinated with piercings and tattoos. He did his first piercing in 2001 and it turned out he was a natural at it. His technical skilled nature mixed with being a perfectionist benefited him. He spent his first few years educating himself on the body completing medical research, eliminating his fears, learning the body, and debunking myths he had heard. He then started at a tattoo shop learning the trade to become a professional body piercer.

Kevan always strives to do the best he can and has learned less painful techniques to give his clients a piercing experience that they will love. He is very patient and understands that piercing comes with nerves and does his best to calm each person down.

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