Jay Voodoo was born and raised right here in San Diego, CA. At a young age Jay was fascinated by the reasons behind why people got modifications. The idea of adding art and jewelry to the body in order to make someone smile and love themselves even more was amazing to him. Jay wanted to be that piercer that made his client feel that way. Jay is on a mission to make people happy while at the same time being able to explore all the “craziness” of body modifications. When asked what he enjoys about being a professional piercer, he replied he loves to constantly be learning new things. Jay’s always looking for opportunities for new and wild projects, and making clients happy.

Jay studied different modifications and cultures since he was young. After some time he acquired an apprenticeship that lasted almost 2 years and has had his own chair for 3 years. Jay has his bloodborne certificate as well as his APP certificate.

Jay says he will pierce anything as long as it will not hinder the daily life of his client or mutilate their body.